【ミライづくりブログ】SMO南小国 未来づくり事業部に所属するコーディネーターたちの、日々の活動を紹介していきます。

Working Vacation in ASO from a perspective of a university student ②

Je m’appele Akari Kimura.
Je viens du Kumamoto.
J’ai 20 ans et je suis étudiante à l’université.




そこで自分を見つめ直し、将来を考える時間としてフィールドワーク型 未来づくり起業塾『Working Vacation in ASO』に参加。

今日は、前回の「大学生にとっての未来づくり起業塾 ①」に引き続き、 ワーバケ期間中にお訪ねした かける木工舎さんについて綴ります。

Let’s start in English!


Hello, this is Akari Kimura.

I’m 20 years old and a sophomore majoring in International Business at Fukuoka Women’s University.

I was supposed to be in Finland as an exchange student this summer, but unfortunately, I’m still in Japan since my exchange studies was postponed to next year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I participated in “Working Vacation in ASO” in order to re-evaluate myself and my future plans.

Following the previous article (Working Vacation in ASO from a perspective of a university student ①), this time I’ll focus on an anecdote with “Kakeru art crafts studio”.

Kakeru art crafts studio is located in Minamioguni.

The studio is producing furniture, proposing the lives with woods, and holding art crafts workshops. 

There are cutting bords, dish mats, tables, stools.

The studio makes them of Oguni-sugi (Japanese cedar made in Oguni)

Kakeru is named after kakeru (multiplication sign in Japanese). 

The studio generates products with a mind cross-fertilize people, objects, and things.

A Chabudai is a low dining table which can be fold up

I talked with Kozue-san who is an artisan at Kakeru art crafts studio.

She graduated from a university majored in natural science and initially worked for a company.

However, she sifted her career style and started a next voyage which fields in art crafts.

She went to Nagano to learn about art crafts and keenly studied about them at a professional school.

I felt like there is no answer which way is right.

Every choices people took with passion build up fantastic life roads. 

As we can see in Kozue-san, people do not make wasting parts in their lives, and people consist of all things what they did in their past.

I really appreciate all of fortunate meeting during this Working Vacation in ASO.

Life staring conversation with Kozue-san

かける木工舎のこずえさんをはじめとして、このWorking Vacation in ASOはあらゆるバックグラウンドをもつ素敵な方々との有難い出会いに恵まれたものでした。