【ミライづくりブログ】SMO南小国 未来づくり事業部に所属するコーディネーターたちの、日々の活動を紹介していきます。

Working Vacation in ASO from a perspective of a university student ①

Nimeni on Akari.
Olen kotoisin Kumamoto.
Olen 20 vuotta vanha.



今日は、私が参加したフィールドワーク型 未来づくり起業塾『Working Vacation in ASO』 について綴ります。

そこで自分を見つめ直し、将来を考える時間として Working Vacation inASOに参加。

Let’s start in English!


Hello, this is Akari Kimura.

I’m 20 years old and a sophomore majoring in International Business at Fukuoka Women’s University.

I was supposed to be in Finland as an exchange student this summer, but unfortunately, I’m still in Japan since my exchange studies was postponed to next year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I participated in “Working Vacation in ASO” in order to re-evaluate myself and my future plans.

“Little Hugge” where we stayed at during this program

Working Vacation in ASO” is held by SMO Minamioguni Inc. 

SMO Minamioguni Inc. is a DMO (Destination Management Organization) company that aims to fuse local sightseeing and local industry to nurture a flourishing community while preserving the town’s unique culture.

“Working Vacation in ASO” is held from July 29th to August 28th

This program aims to let participants take a look at how they live and their own life plan by being exposed to agriculture and the nature in Aso and Minamioguni which features sophisticated woodlands and beautiful valleys.

The members come from Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Hyogo, and all of them have varied backgrounds and experiences.

A landscape in ASO

In the morning, three times a week, we work at farms and get agricultural experiences like picking blueberries, planting onions, and packing crops. In the evening, we can do whatever we want, some of us work on planning an international exchange event, preparing a program for local people, and others participate in meetings at the local co-working space.

During this “Working Vacation in ASO”, we receive feedback and advice for the various projects from mentors who usually work as coordinators for SMO Minamioguni. 

Thanks to this, we can grow through this program and discover inspiring fresh feelings and new values through all the opportunities and blessed surroundings that we’ve been given here. 

At a co-working space “MOG”

Personally, I took part in this program to reconsider myself and meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t meet in my ordinary daily life. 

Through this program, I’ve learned how to convey my will and feelings to others more effectively. I’ve also realized the importance of expressing my opinion in detail, with appropriate words, at precise timing, to the correct person. 

Next summer, I will hopefully be in Finland and study about Mobility As A Service [MAAS]. I am sure that “Working Vacation in ASO” will have been a turning point of my university life and that this great experience and all the new encounters will help my life to flourish and prosper. 

I’m sincerely grateful to all the people who spent this special time together with me. 

We had guest talk sessions at night for several times

この『Working Vacation in ASO』を通して、あらゆるフィールドの方々と出会い、見る世界が、物事の捉え方が、アプローチの仕方がぐぐっと広がりました。